Focusing On The Customer

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, we create vertical solutions to enable our customers to be more effective at sales, customer service, and operations.  Our vertical solutions extend the capability of Dynamics 365 through integration with the latest technology on the marketplace.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview
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Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard
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Data Science

Changing the World Through Data

Our Data Science team creates solutions to help solve some of the most complex problems facing society today.  Some of our tools include:

  • Azure

  • Visual Studio

  • R

  • Python

  • BioPython

  • Cosmos DB

  • TensorFlow

  • Google Cloud

Cloud-based Collaboration

Microsoft Teams

We use this product with our internal team to collaborate across international borders.

Smart Phone Use

Cognitive Services

Making Applications Smarter

Using Microsoft Cognitive Services we make your business smarter and more efficient through api's such as:

  • Computer Vision

  • Facial Recognition

  • Emotion Capture

  • Video Analysis

  • Speech Recognition

  • Language Translation

  • Linguistic Analysis

  • Text Analytics

  • Natural Language Processing (LUIS)

Bot Framework

Creating Applications That Speak On Your Behalf

Using the Microsoft Bot framework, we can automate many business positions from sales to customer service, providing a more consistent and rich user experience for your customers.

Microsoft PowerApps

Smart Apps

Using Microsoft PowerApps, we have the ability to create smart applications that integrate with many popular Microsoft products or deploy them as a moble app.

Unparallelled Technology

Tertiary Software Development

Technology is at the core of all that we do at Dynamics Intelligence Inc.. We are at the bleeding edge of tertiary software development, and our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help change the world one customer at a time.


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