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HEALTHieR Cloud and HEALTHieR EMR Coming to India

India healthcare is ranked #112 out of 191 countries by the World Health Organization (WHO). Dynamics Intelligence's intelligent edge healthcare system includes two major products, the HEALTHieR Cloud and the HEALTHieR EMR. The HEALTHieR EMR was designed by Dynamics Intelligence Nigeria to provide a state of the art digital medical system to both urban centers and remote villages, but is adaptable to global markets where it is estimated to reach as many as 4.68 billion patients.

The HEALTHieR Cloud/HEALTHieR EMR system provides:

- Real-time communication between patients and their doctors via mobile phone communication

- Real-time patient access to medical records

- Publishing and consuming of clinical workflows

- Five similar cases that include histology, diagnosis, and treatment plans from anywhere in the world

- Regulatory compliance

- Remote patient monitoring

- Telemedicine

- Patient-owned data kept private and secure

- De-identified data for clinical research and government reporting

- 3rd Party non-profit patient tracking for communicable diseases such as HIV

- Integration with 3rd party laboratories and popular HL7 based clinical information systems.

- Latest cloud based technology from Microsoft

- High availability, disaster recovery, and global redundancy of patient data and clinical system data

- Automatic language translation of patient records in up to 64 common languages

- Electronic payment & 3rd party payment for services rendered

- Optional blockchain support

Dynamics Intelligence currently has two Indian board members in Canada and Dynamics Intelligence will be forming a new subsidiary legal entity in India and is seeking board members, advisory panel members, and investors for the new business entity. Dynamics Intelligence already has legal entities in the US, Canada, and Nigeria. Interest parties should contact Jenna Bourgeois, Chairperson of Dynamics Intelligence worldwide at or via LinkedIn.


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