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Marketing Automation Included in Perform*R for Startups

This past week, the Dynamics Intelligence global delivery team worked hard to create marketing automation tools that will be included in Dynamics Intelligence's Perform*R for Startups solution. The new tools tightly integrate MailChimp with Dynamics 365 Marketing. Marketing professionals can create landing pages and e-mail marketing templates using MailChimp and the new tools will automatically synchronize these marketing campaigns, lists, and contacts with Dynamics 365. The team hopes to deliver these tools as a solution in the Dynamics 365 Apps Store this quarter.

"Entering a new market like Nigeria, we needed to have our e-mail marketing automation system in place. We pride ourselves in 'eating our own dogfood', so we built the tools for our company, but designed it in such a way that it can be used for any business, particularly our Perform*R for Startups customers," stated Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence

Precious Oyi, Dynamics Intelligence's Global VP of Marketing, is part of the new Nigeria business unit which is based in Lagos, Nigeria, one of the most powerful and modern cities in Africa. Oyi collaborated with Yza Gagnon, a Cloud Architect with Dynamics Intelligence Canada to automate the solution. The tools will be part of the Perform*R for Startups and there will be a corresponding Marketing Automation training class offered in the company's new Technical Training Center also in Lagos.

Perform*R for Startups provides a whole suite of technology solutions, support and services at a price that startups can afford. The low monthly fee provides customers with a block of hours that can be consumed using any of the skills of the Dynamics Intelligence global delivery team. Each week, Dynamics Intelligence meets with customers to determine which items will be worked on during the next week's sprint. ROI is calculated for each feature and the solutions with the highest ROI are recommended to customers for inclusion within the sprint. Perform*R for Startups also includes 24 x 7 technical support for applications such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Azure.


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