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Introducing the Dynamics Intelligence Perform*R for StartUps

Having been a startup company ourselves, we recognize that Startup companies face different challenges as they reach maturity. That's why, we designed Perform*R for Startups. Perform*R is a combination of strategic consulting and the latest technologies on the marketplace that will help you grow your Startup company.

Perform*R - Scalability Through Business Process Automation

Perform*R is designed to help Startup companies achieve scalability. Scalability is defined as the ability of a Startup to increase their capacity to serve their customers at a rate faster than the rate that their operating costs increase. The Dynamics Intelligence PerformR team helps customers automate their business processes thereby reducing operating costs. Any contribution towards operating cost reduction increases a Startup's scalability.

Perform*R - Designed for Performance Optimization

The Perform*R team applies their knowledge of technology to identify opportunities to increase ROI through business process automation. The Perform*R team is measured by its ability to provide innovative solutions to increase our customer's ROI. Employees are rewarded for creating innovative solutions that are reusable across customers.

Perform*R - Return on Investment

The Perform*R team measures their progress in terms of Return On Investment or ROI which is calculated on every feature listed on our feature board. Each week our Product Manager reports the amount of Return on Investment achieved by team. As a company, we guarantee that ROI will be achieved at a rate of at least 3xROI based upon a 12 month period. Dynamics Intelligence employees' performance is measured on the amount of ROI that they create.

Perform*R - Designed for Every Stage of Maturity

Whether you're a Startup or a large company, PerformR can bring your company to the next level. At project inception, the PerformR team evaluates your scalability and develops a custom road map for your company. We assess your sales, marketing, operations, and finance processes and technologies to identify new opportunities to increase ROI.

Perform*R - State of the Art Technology

At Dynamics Intelligence, we work with the top global technology companies in the business, Microsoft and Amazon, to help you obtain the maximum ROI possible. Every day, the Perform*R team attends one hour of technical training to keep up to date with the latest technology offerings.


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