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Why We Are No Longer Selling Microsoft Solutions in Canada

In January 2018, we applied to become a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for both of our companies, Dynamics Intelligence US and Dynamics Intelligence Canada. Being a CSP, allows us to remotely administer our customer's cloud solutions such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365. We believed that when we were approved as a CSP that we were approved in all regions of the world that we operated in.

When a $13 million global enterprise customer in Vancouver, BC called us in desperation stating that they were locked out of their Dynamics 365 environment, an environment that cost them $300K to build, we quickly went into action and used the CSP partner portal to send them a link requesting their permission to delegate their administrative rights to our company. This is standard practice for CSP's. However, when the customer received the request, they clicked on the link and they received this error message. "Partner not authorized in Canada".

We opened a ticket through the partner support line and explained issue. We were told that we were not authorized in Canada. This of course caught us by surprise. Microsoft support told us that we had to create a new partner account for the Canada company which was listed as a location within the same partner account as our US operations. Microsoft support assured us that once this was completed that we were going to be able to be approved. They told us that the CSP approval team was aware of the situation and placed exemptions in the approval process to correct the situation. We agree that they should have responded quickly, so that we could service the customer. However, despite our actions of calming the customer, getting the Master Services Agreement (MSA) in place, and completing everything we were supposed to, Microsoft let us down and didn't respond.

Over the next 10 days, we met with Microsoft support every other day to follow up on the status of the approval. After 10 days, the customer demanded to know why we were still unable to work on their project, so they could turn on their $300K system. The customer yelled at us, calling us stupid as if we did something wrong when we did not. We ended up losing that customer due to Microsoft's lack of response and this was the 2nd customer this year where Microsoft dropped the ball.

CSP's are required to provide 24 x 7 support to their customers, yet Microsoft doesn't provide 24 x 7 support to their partners, that support is provided during normal working hours 9AM to 6PM PST. It makes us angry to know that we have spent so much time and effort, training employees and marketing to customers only to get let down in the end. For Microsoft losing a $13 million company is such a small piece of revenue that they don't even know it is missing. But, for us, part of the 99% who don't control the world's wealth, it was a very big thing for us to lose that customer. We now question why we did anything on behalf of a company that would let down its partners. At no time, were we ever able t speak to a director or other manager to get this issue resolved.

On Friday, July 13, 2018, 20 days after we received the initial customer inquiry, we received an e-mail from Microsoft support stating that we could not be approved to be a CSP in Canada unless we had a business justification. Apparently, being able to have your employees sell the product they implement, being able to have your company service customers in all geographic regions where you do business, and being able to sell the Microsoft products that you are an expert in to your Canadian customers is not enough. Why isn't servicing Microsoft customers a business justification in itself???

As a result of their actions, Microsoft has become an unreliable partner that can cause a significant amount of profit loss to a company like ours.

Jenna M Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence Inc (US/Canada/Africa) has spent nearly 25 years either working for Microsoft, working with Microsoft customers or promoting Microsoft products. She is left uninspired after Microsoft let her and her company down.


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