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Dynamics Intelligence Announce New Entry-level Performance Program

For quite some time, we have heard people claim that employers weren't willing to provide them with training or to invest in them. We've heard you.

Today, Dynamics Intelligence is pleased to announce our new entry-level program designed for people to begin their career in technology. We know that not everyone is a "coder", but the reality is that 80% of global business requirements can be met by point-n-click and no coding, hence the prevalence of serverless technical architectures.

Since this is an entry-level program, we have three performance levels:

Level 1 - Beginner

Level 2 - Leader - Experienced and can lead others. Level 2 resources earn 29% more than Level 1 resources

Level 3 - Management - Can manage product development and supervise people. Level 3 resources earn 57% more than Level 1 and 22% more than Level 2.

Level 4 - Senior Management - Can manage large teams of people. Level 4 resources earn 2 times the rate of Level 1 resources.

How does the program work?

Our performance program gives everyone an equal opportunity. Every person is evaluated on their ability to generate Return on Investment or (ROI). Each month, the Executive Team reviews the staff's performance and those who have achieved their performance ROI goal for three months in a row will be eligible for the next level performance salary increase.

How is ROI Calculated?

Each week, the Product Manager reviews work items and together with the team story points are assigned like most agile/scrum work environments. For each product feature, the Product Manager calculates the expected ROI for that feature. For example, a feature might save a person 15 minutes of their time. To calculate the ROI, we would multiple 15 minutes by the amount of people performing that function and multiple that by the number of times that they have to perform that function each day. We estimate ROI on an annual (12 month) basis. Therefore: 15 minutes x 5 people x 10 times per day x avg labor rate = 15*5*10*25 = $18,750. If the staff member were paid $15/hr their 3xROI goal would be $15*32.5hrs*3 = $1462.50 Since, the technology component saved our client $18,750, the staff member achieved a 12.82 times ROI.

What is the Innovation Performance Bonus?

We know that people approach things in different ways. Some are high performers that work quickly while others are high performers due to their innovation which yields reusability. We want to incentivize our staff members to think out of the box and to design components that are reusable and flexible. With our Innovation Performance Bonus, staff members are rewarded for innovative technology that can be reused to meet customer needs. When components are reused, staff members receive credit for that ROI being used to solve the customer's requirements. Our system rewards working smarter and not harder.

Employee Venture Capital Fund

30% of Dynamics Intelligence revenues are set aside for an employee venture capital fund where employees can pitch ideas to the Executive Team. Successful ideas will be funded and the employee will become the Product Manager for that idea.

Jenna Bourgeois has over 20 years in information technology experience and is the CEO for Dynamics Intelligence Inc, a global technology consulting and software firm.


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