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How to Successfully Manage Remote Workers

If you read the headlines, you would be lead to believe that remote workers are less productive than their in-office counterparts. This is a myth. Remote workers are as productive if not more productive than in-office workers. Over the last six years, our company has operated predominantly with remote workers. Many employees, I have never met.

To be successful, we recommend the following tips:

1) Collaboration Tool - We like to use Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 for real-time collaboration. Teams contains functionality specifically designed to support remote work. The product is easy to setup, integrates with Office 365, and outperforms rival, Slack. All of our non-technical tasks are performed using Microsoft Teams.

2) Strict Work Schedule - With remote workers, management needs to stay on top of things. Managers can expect to be connected to the remote working environment during the shift to constantly monitor performance. We use a 32.5 hr work week to assist. The 32.5 hr work week reduces stress upon every member of the team and we can usually hire an extra person.

3) Work in Teams - Teams hold each other accountable. While a high performing individual that is self-motivated can work successfully, we have found those people to be a diamond in the rough. Therefore, working in a team leads to better results.

4) Don't allow makeup hours - Employees who don't take their work seriously will tend to offer to make up their work outside of the set schedule. Don't allow employees to do this. Your policy should state that they only get paid for the hours that they are in the Microsoft Teams conference call. Joining the conference call is like punching to clock into the office. The rules for every member of the team have to be absolutely the same.

5) Zero Tolerance for Attitude - There is no time for drama in a collaborative remote working team. Therefore, managers need to explain what is expected and deal with personnel issues right away.

Jenna Bourgeois is the CEO of Dynamics Intelligence, a global software company that specializes in the healthcare and public sector verticals. For more information, contact Jenna at


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