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Summer Interns Start in Canada

Whitehorse, YT

Today, a team of interns begin working in Canada in Toronto, ON and Whitehorse, YT. Yza Gagnon, Urooba Warsi, and Maryam Ansari will be learning and implementing Microsoft Azure-based solutions including serverless computing and machine learning.

"This year's Canada team represents all of Canada both geographically and includes both First Nations and non-First Nations participants" - Jenna Bourgeois, CEO Dynamics Intelligence

Yza Gagnon is no stranger to innovation having been a moderator for (co)Space, the capital of the #RealSiliconNorth and Urooba and Maryam join us from Ryerson University in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). All three ladies will be utilizing our new 32.5hr structured work week.

The 32hr work week is designed to provide work/life balance that emphasizes high performance during hours while at work. The shorter daily schedule provides opportunity for employees to schedule personal appointments outside of work time. Employees are rated upon performance by completing tasks within the designated work hours. Daily training provides an opportunity to start the day with shared learning. Daily learning includes both business and technical skills.

Touted as the world's premier internship program, Dynamics Intelligence's internship program will include multiple teams from around the world whose start dates are staggered throughout the summer. Interns will be learning valuable skills related to their core area of interest including organizational skills, computer science, project management, and product management.

Dynamics Intelligence will consider additional teams if they have a financial sponsor as there is no more budget to cover additional paid internships. To apply, contact Jenna Bourgeois at


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