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Dynamics Intelligence Announces Radical New Work Week

Due to increasing demand for our product, we need to rapidly accelerate our ability to deliver product on-time and on budget at an accelerated pace. Being a global company, we also believe that our company needs to be more like Europe and less like the US to achieve work/life balance. Therefore, we are announcing several changes that will fundamentally change the way that we work.

1) We will be adopting a 32.5 hr work week.

In today's economy, employee retention is very important to us. We provide a lot of training and a lot of opportunity. Our investors expect us to accelerate performance while achieving work/life balance. We believe that working less hours, but employing more people is a competitive advantage. We will also be employing more part-time experienced employees which will allow older workers to contribute their experience and knowledge, but still enjoy some of the best years of their lives.

2) We will be adopting a more formalized agile/scrum methodology.

With more people working for our company, we need to adopt a more formalized internal methodology, so we will be using the same methodology that has worked successfully for our customers. We have used agile/scrum methodology in our customer consulting engagements for 15 years successfully, but we never had enough employees to do this internally.

3) We will be hiring more people who work less as opposed to hiring less people who work more. As a global company, we will be seeking to employ more people globally as opposed to employing many people in the US. We will be hiring people from across the world who have demonstrated specialized skills and subject expertise in a variety of topics.

4) Employee's performance incentives will be paid time off and other benefits as opposed to monetary bonuses. We believe that many American workers are simply over-worked. Corporations across America have cut paid time off increasing the stress level across America. We believe that it is time to change the corporate work week to avoid employee burnout, maximize employee effectiveness at work, increase employee engagement, and improve the overall quality of life of our employees. Employees that exceed their performance goals will receive paid time off and other benefits as a performance incentive. Other benefits include free music and voice lessons as well as health club memberships.

5) Employee Venture Capital Fund. Many companies have tried employee owned companies, but we believe that employees should be encouraged to innovate. Therefore, our company will adopting a new approach. Rather than arbitrarily placing 30% of our revenue into an R&D budget. We will make this an internal venture capital fund. Employees will be able to pitch their innovation ideas and receive funds for product proof of concepts.

Jenna Bourgeois, CEO Dynamics Intelligence


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