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A Day In The Life of A Startup CEO


I sleep really deeply, so when I wake up, it takes me about 15 mins to get going. I rarely get my coffee right away. I get onto my computer and I check the latest notifications, email messages and anything that failed to wake me up at night. During the early morning, I am at my best when it comes to innovation and solving things.

5:30AM - 8:00AM

If I am going to write a blog article, then I try to do it now. Due to the time zones, I can post it at any time between 5AM and 8AM to get the most impact. I quickly check my calendar to see what day it is. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to post a blog article. My calendar also tells me what I have scheduled today. I also meet with people on the east coast since they are three hours ahead.


Charu comes in, so I have to move to my notebook PC and iPhone to be able to work. I use our Alienware box when Charu isn't around. I choose to share the computer instead of buying an additional box because we are a startup.


Charu and I meet and we discuss what kind of work we will be doing. I paint a vision for any solutions that we are going to create. I ask Charu lots of bioinformatics questions and she provides very detailed answers. It becomes more of a brainstorming session as her answers lead to more innovative thoughts. We schedule the day's work and Charu gets working at it. Throughout the day, she may have questions about the user story or the design or even a technical obstacle.

Sometimes Charu brings me a sandwich which is great because I rarely have time to make breakfast.

10:00AM to 4PM

I am typically in constant meetings during this time talking to prospective customers, business partners, technology partners, and vendors.

At some point, I realize that I forgot to take my prescriptions or if I did take them, I don't recall which ones. Sometimes, I ask Charu if she remembers seeing me take them.


I am exhausted from all day meetings that usually prevent me from having lunch. If I didn't have lunch, I make it now. I check in with Charu to see how the development is going.


Charu leaves for the day, so I switch to the Alienware box. Depending on what I need to do, I might do research, develop code, assemble a presentation, or create a marketing video.


By this time, I am usually exhausted and falling asleep. I will typically fall asleep in my chair. If I am really tired, I will lay down for an evening nap. Sometimes, I allow myself to enjoy an evening movie on Amazon Prime.


I wake up from my nap. Since I am still somewhat tired, I watch videos and read articles. Usually the articles are about medical science or technology topics that will help us overcome the day's obstacle.


If I haven't taken an evening nap, my alarm will go off on my phone letting me know that I forgot to go to sleep.


Europe comes online and this is my time to chat with folks in India. We might work on some business deals or meet with some prospective customers. I will have a snack like peanuts or fruit. Sometimes, I will have an evening tea.


If I am still up at 3AM, then I ask myself if I should pull an all nighter or risk some sleep. Sometimes with a deadline looming, I might stay up to meet the deadline and sleep during the day. If I fall asleep, I will only sleep for about 3 hours because my asthma and sinus condition prevent me from breathing properly.

Ultimately the days all merge together and I cannot always remember what day it is. While this may be viewed as an extreme schedule, it is how hard I am willing to work to change the world to achieve greater patient outcomes for global health. I like my job and I have a passion for what I am doing.

Jenna Bourgeois is CEO of Dynamics Intelligence and the technical architect for the HEALTHieR Cloud, the world's first Global Electronic Health Repository (GEHR).


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