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Why We Are Taking Our Company Public

Today's venture capital is largely controlled by men and significantly lacks diversity. Discussions with venture capitalists have largely shifted the focus from the business idea to the person.

"It's not about the business idea so much as it is about the person and their story," said a venture capitalist.

While that may be true, the problem is that the story of a transgender woman taking on the world overcoming hurdles that no man has ever achieved, is perceived as a threat to all of humanity by these men. If you think about it, how could a man compete with a trans woman who understands both men at women at a level that they never could? When men are threatened, they get angry, defensive, and fight (i.e. world history).

Male investors want to remove our transgender CEO from her role and replace her with a man, for no particular purpose or reason. Why would anyone remove the most intelligent and skilled person from the most critical role in the company?

"You see, placing one black man on the board is acceptable. It's non-threatening. But, when you place a group of black people on the board, well then that is a threat," -- Actual statement from a potential investor 5/2018

Our company is a "social enterprise" and will not be swayed by such prejudice. We are very aware of what is acceptable to men because many of us have been victims of their behavior. This is why we have things called domestic violence shelters and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), to protect us.

We represent change.

We represent diversity.

We represent the public at large.

Selling out to the dominant male culture would not meet the goals of our social enterprise. As my board has warned me, we must not allow people into the leadership of our company that do not reflect our values. We believe in more than just profit. We believe in diversity, social equity, and equal opportunity.

We get compliments on the quality of our advisory board frequently. Unlike almost every other company in the tech sector, our advisory board reflects the society at large. We are proud of our team's diversity and we believe we are more qualified than virtually every other leadership team in the industry.

Every human on the planet has a vested interest in healthcare. We are building the world's first global healthcare system. We believe that one of the only ways to break the patriarchal grip on our society is to bring the opportunity to invest in our company to more people. Particularly in the US, the public has little or no control over their healthcare. Politicians, insurers, employers, and other agencies control their access to healthcare daily while providing people little or no input.

By taking our company public, we believe that it will provide the public with the opportunity to make a conscious choice to disrupt the healthcare system. We will use that money to develop software to increase the quality of patient outcomes, a win-win situation for the entire planet.

"You are going to p*** off a lot of people off if you go public," -- Actual statement from a potential investor 5/2018.

Yes, you are right. We will p*** off a lot of people, but the people we care about will greatly benefit and they will be our biggest and most loyal fans. Remember, it's not about the business's about the people that the business idea serves.

Jenna Bourgeois is CEO of Dynamics Intelligence, the world's most amazing and diverse technology company building the world's first global healthcare solution.


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