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Why Our Company Has A Social Goal

It's fair to say that Dynamics Intelligence is an experiment. We broke a lot of rules with our company so far. We hired arguably the most diverse team in the industry. We actively speak out against gender bias in the workplace. We openly declared ourselves as a "social enterprise" when most Americans are afraid that using the word "social" because it will somehow lead them to be called a "socialist". We chose to solve one of the world's largest problems, global health which will completely transform how we even think of healthcare. And, we even have a transgender CEO in the US, no less. It's crazy right? Seriously, who runs a company like that, besides us?

Well, there is a method to the madness. In 1994, the Harvard Business Review published an article titled Control in the Age of Chaos. Back then I was still working full-time attending Lewis University to finish my 2nd major which was in accounting. The key point to the article was that adults do not need micro-managing. Rather, an effective CEO needs to make it very clear to the team the company's goals. All by themselves, the employees would figure out how to make it happen. That article has influenced my leadership and management style for the last 26 years.

When we established a social goal at our company it was to solve a couple of purposes. 1) Having a strategic social goal presents a human context as to why we come to work everyday. 2) It has a positive psychological effect on the company as a whole. Business is challenging and there are times when things aren't going to go as you planned. During these times, we remind ourselves that if we fail to put our best effort out there, our social goal will not be realized.

Our social goal is to reduce the number of deaths due to medical error which is a worldwide problem, but affects as many as 250,000 people each year in the US alone. That rate is the 3rd largest killer in the US and five (5) times the rate of breast cancer deaths. Our HEALTHieR Cloud product addresses this issue. We are convinced that we will have a positive impact because our system will place the right information into researchers, hospitals, providers, and patients to help them solve their health problems. Our architecture is designed to be scalable, but also be able to provide this information to the most remote areas of the world where we can have even more impact.

While we might not have the "street cred" of a cancer center, we feel that our social goal is just as important as curing cancer and that we might even help cure cancer for good by providing researchers an incredible amount of information that they never had before. So far, having a social goal has created an enormous amount of energy in our company and has reduced the day to day stress because we all feel good about the work that we are doing. The social goal has created an energy among our team unlike any company I have ever worked for and it means that we are not afraid to take on the most complex tasks.

I encourage all CEO's struggling with defining a direction in their company to adopt a social goal. Let me know how it works for you. And no "micro-managing"! Give the ladies general guidance and get out of their way.

Jenna Bourgeois has 25 years in the technology field and holds over 30 Microsoft Certifications, and is running the most awesome company on the planet.


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