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Counterpoint: Dynamics 365 Marketing Is Appropriately Priced

I disagree with Steve Mordue's blog post claiming that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is inappropriately priced. Steve Mordue is a Microsoft MVP, but I have to question his business sense on this issue.

First, a few housekeeping things. Steve, we don't use the term "man-hours" anymore because well, it refers only to men. This is 2018 and we need to empathize with diverse populations and be using appropriate terminology which eliminates gender bias. Using the phrase "significant time and effort" would have accomplished the same goal without making women feel uncomfortable. I happen to know women who work on that team, so I assure you that the "engineering" included some "woman hours".

What Customers Tell Us

Steve, we are hearing from prospective customers on the streets that they actually prefer to pay more for their software and get less features. It's crazy, I know. I can hardly believe it myself, but it's true. One example: Hubspot where customers pay five (5) times as much for 1/5th of the cost.

At $1500/mo. for a product as sophisticated as Dynamics 365 Marketing? That's a steal. You can't even get marketing graphics for that price and this automates your creative process? C'mon Steve, I know a lot of Marketing professionals that would love to have this product.

About Pricing

Many years ago, I worked for a company that owned a data center and we were selling managed services to customers. When it came to pricing, we recognized that the customers who were switching didn't have anyone internally trained on Microsoft Exchange, so we calculated the cost of a full-time Exchange administrator which was $8000 per month at the time and priced our solution at $5000 per month. Customers flocked to sign up because they couldn't do it any cheaper.

Contacts vs. Contacts

Steve, you claim that your customers have hundreds of thousands of contacts that they can't use and that it somehow impacts their pricing. I would suggest speaking with these customers about Dynamics 365 active vs. inactive records functionality. This could also be an opportunity to explore their marketing process. They might learn about how we do marketing in a very targeted way which means less contacts and more impact.

Where We Agree

We don't disagree about everything. We both agree that this is a great product that will serve customers well.

Jenna Bourgeois has 20 years experience with working with Microsoft products and is CEO of Dynamics Intelligence, a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

You can find Steve's Blog Post here.


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