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Ready to Take Azure Cosmos DB for A Test Drive?

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB is the hottest database in the marketplace and for good reason. Today's global companies need a database solution that lives in the cloud, is horizontally partitioned, is globally distributed, and supports multiple models. High availability is a must for any company today, and Azure Cosmos DB provides the best SLA in the market place with a five (9)'s (99.999%) uptime. That beats the SLA provided with other popular Microsoft applications like Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

A key feature to any database is data integrity, Azure Cosmos DB solves this by having five consistency models under the hood. Data scientists will love the low latency which is good for a planetary scale app.

Any car buff will tell you that you can get a great engine or a beautiful body, but rarely both. Azure Cosmos DB has both with it's multi-model support. Whether you need to support the daily grind with the SQL API or whether you want to cruise in a hot rod on a Friday night with the Gremlin API, Azure Cosmos DB leaves all of the competitors in the star dust.

Rather than jump into the driver's seat right away, Dynamics Intelligence has designed a Proof of Concept (POC) three-week engagement to get you started.

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During the POC, we'll match you up with one of our experienced data scientists until you are ready to take the wheel. To learn more about our Azure Cosmos DB POC's, contact our sales team at Dynamics Intelligence is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) operating in the US and Canada.


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