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Co-founder of Biotech Network Joins Dynamics Intelligence Board

Fredericton, NB

Chirag Kariya, a scientific researcher with 10 years of expertise in pharmacology has joined the Dynamics Intelligence Advisory Board. Chirag has a PhD in Toxicology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and has two Master's degrees in Pharmacology/Toxicology from the University of Toledo and St. John's University.

"Pharmacology is very important to our intelligent healthcare system. We are building intelligence that will help physicians and researchers to understand the effects of prescription drugs on the body. We believe that this intelligent technology will help doctors understand the effects that their prescriptions have on patients which may lead to reducing opioid addiction," stated Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, synthetic opioids were the cause of 20,000 deaths in the US and nearly 4000 in Canada in 2017. Natural and semi-synthetic opioids caused fewer deaths (14,427 in 2017).

Dynamics Intelligence's intelligent healthcare system is designed to be the first global health Data Science As A Service (DSAAS) and will be available in as many as 140 countries at the time of it's release. Researchers, hospitals, physicians, and patients will be able to access the system.

"As a social enterprise, it is important for us to use our skills to help solve the world's health problems. Our intelligent healthcare system will disrupt the healthcare industry primarily because our system is user-centric. Whether you are researcher, physician or patient, the system will provide you the data that you want," continued Bourgeois.

Dynamics Intelligence chose Microsoft as their strategic technology partner because of Azure's cloud availability worldwide, its advanced security and its compliance with standards such as GDPR and ISO. Dynamics Intelligence operates in the US and Canada.


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