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Former Reach for the Top Canadian National Champion Joins Dynamics Intelligence Advisory Board

Laval, QC

Former Reach for the Top Canadian National Champion, Alexander Maxan, has agreed to join the Dynamics Intelligence Advisory Board. Maxan is completing his PhD in Neuroscience at Université Laval in Quebec, QC in Neurobiology. Maxan's scientific research most recently has focused on sepsis analysis as it relates to diabetes.

"For example, we might want to know if there is a link between diabetes and conditions such as Alzheimer's. The Dynamics Intelligence healthcare system will be able to tell us that," said Maxan.

One of Canada's top scientific minds, Maxan will be working closely with the Dynamics Intelligence Data Science Team to create functionality valuable to Neuroscientists as part of the company's intelligent healthcare system. The system will allow researchers to query big data at a global scale, something that has never been available before.

"We believe that the intelligent healthcare system will drastically reduce the time that it takes scientific researchers to conduct their research, leading to more discoveries at a faster pace," said Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence.

Dynamics Intelligence operates in the US and Canada and specializes in two industry verticals, healthcare and public sector.


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