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Summer Interns To Appear On Azure Friday

Seattle, WA

When Curtis Takahashi from the Seattle Youth Employment Initiative approached Dynamics Intelligence asking if we would take some interns for the summer, we were thrilled and excited to help young people develop their career in technology. Just like every initiative we undertake, we wanted the program to be the best.

Students from Seattle and Toronto will work together for twelve (12) weeks to build three mini-projects using the latest software technology from Microsoft. The program will kick off with the students visiting the Redmond campus and meeting the Azure Cosmos DB product team. Azure Cosmos DB, is Microsoft's multi-model globally distributed database.

During the remainder of the first week, students will attend intensive technical training and over the next 11 weeks will build three mini-projects alongside Dynamics Intelligence's technical team. The two international teams will collaborate using Microsoft Teams.

Once the projects are complete, the students will visit the set of Azure Friday and host Scott Hanselman will interview the students just like he interviews developers on the show. During the show, students will demonstrate what their product is, how it works, and how others could use it. At Dynamics Intelligence, we are huge fans of the Azure Friday show because it teaches us about the latest advances in Microsoft's Azure product line.

"Microsoft jumped on board right away to help us create the most incredible summer internship program available. I hope students learn a lot from the experience," stated Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence.

For more information, click here. To apply to the program, students should send a letter and resume, if available, indicating how technology can contribute to making the world a better place. E-mail the letter to


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