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Dynamics Intelligence Announces Micro-contractor Program

It is my pleasure to announce that our micro-contractor program which was in "preview' the last couple of months is now production ready. We designed this program to help reduce barriers to entry into the technology field that many women and disadvantaged populations experience.

As a member of the Micro-contractor program, participants get the opportunity to pick and choose the work they would like to complete. Upon completion of their work, the Micro-contractors get paid after it has been reviewed and approved by the Dynamics Intelligence technical team. In addition to getting paid, Micro-contractors get access to technical training and up to 4 hrs per month in technical mentoring. The Micro-contractor program is a global offering, meaning that you can be located anywhere in the world to participate.

"Many women and members of disadvantaged populations often don't know how to break into the field and they face many barriers to entry. We believe that the Micro-contractor program allows people to gain experience and get paid. Each micro-project is assigned a point value. The projects are all less than 40hrs of work. Many may only take 1 -2 hrs to complete. The more points they accumulate, the more benefits they receive from Dynamics Intelligence," explained Jenna Bourgeois, CEO.

The program is intended to directly reward people for performance and Micro-contracts can include skills besides technical roles such as sales, marketing, writing, project management, and training. For example, some projects do not require full-time project managers. When micro-contractors reach a predetermined number of points, they will be offered the option of continuing as a Micro-contractor or assuming a role as a permanent employees.

"We believe that it is a competitive advantage to build up our Micro-contractor network. It is much easier to get 100 people to complete 100 components in one day than it is to wait for one person to complete 100 components over months. Dynamics 365 enables us to manage a Micro-contracting model through its Project Service Automation module which is included in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan," continued Jenna Bourgeois, CEO.

Contractors will be assigned a technical mentor who will review their current skills and create an individual training plan to help deepen or broaden their skill-set.

Contractors can sign up via e-mail at or


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