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But Wait, There's More

Everyday, working in our company is like living in a Billy Mays commercial. There's excitement. There's passion. There's commitment. But wait, there's more. Not only are we a diverse company...not only are we a technology company...not only are we willing to take on the world's biggest problems...there's more. There's more to our company...there's more to our people...there's more to our solutions...there's more to our customers...

When I made the commitment to hire a diverse team and to give people opportunities, I couldn't predict what was going to happen. Back then, it was just a dream. But now, I see that my dream has become reality. Everyday, I see an employee do something amazing and beyond my expectations.

People in the industry always focus on culture. Here is how I view our corporate culture:

1) There is honesty. When someone doesn't know how to do something, they say that they don't know. And, it's OK. We figure out how to overcome that with training or mentoring or collaboration.

2) There are no corporate politics. We simply don't allow it. We are solving real world problems and it requires a dedicated team giving everything that they have to solve those problems. There is no time to play office politics.

3) Our people are free. As a CEO, my job it to empower my employees. When they become stronger, our company becomes stronger. My job becomes easier. We have no micro-management. No one has to ask for permission to make a recommendation. It is common for our people to simply say "I think that we should..." If I disagree with their suggestion, we talk about it. Sometimes, I will learn something from them and sometimes they will learn something from me. We are on this journey together and we all learn something new every day. When people are free to speak their mind, it is amazing how productive they can be.

4) We are innovative. In our company, people try things. We are not afraid to fail and we are not afraid to learn from our failure.

5) We are productive. I have worked for a lot of Fortune 500 companies during my career. I have never seen a company with employees as productive as ours. I am proud of our team, but I am also fan. I love cheering them on and seeing them succeed.

6) We are collaborative. We work together to solve problems. No one has to "lean in" because they are already in. No one is left out.

7) We are not afraid. In our company, we set our own rules. We don't let society define us. Rather, we believe in our hearts that we are laying a new path, a new way to conduct business. We believe that we are setting the standard that other companies will someday follow. Everyone is here because they want to "be part of it", they say.

8) We are out of the box. If you are the corporate type that expects to see a job description, then you may be disappointed. We hire people that have skills and passion. We challenge them to use their skills to the best of their ability. We try not to have people doing things that they either don't like to do or that they are not very good at. People that are just interested in collecting a paycheck, won't last long with our company.

9) We are a social enterprise. The words "social enterprise" are very hard to describe and to define. Being a social enterprise means that we have values that are bigger than the bottom line. Our people are here to have an impact. They are here to change the world.

10) We are humans. People fail. Kids get sick. Life happens. When

these things happen, we tap into our empathy.

Finally, we have fans. Everyday, I get fan letters from people that have heard about our company. When they write, it makes me feel good. It makes me feel that our dream of creating the most incredible company has been realized.

Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence, the world's most awesome company with the most awesome people.


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