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Dynamics Intelligence Announces Research Planning Software

Redmond, WA

Dynamics Intelligence, a software company that operates in the US and Canada announced this morning that the company will be releasing a new product, "Research R" to the market in the coming weeks designed to assist researchers in planning their work. Being a Microsoft partner, the company's solution is designed to be an add-on to Dynamics 365, Microsoft's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Once published, customers will be able to download and install the product from Dynamics 365's app store.

"This tool was designed by one of our lead scientists and reduces the amount of time that it takes to conduct life sciences research. In a future release, the console will be connected to our intelligent healthcare system allowing life sciences researchers to query global health data assisting them with their research" explained Jenna Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence.

A key feature of Research R is its ability to manage protocols and includes a database of well-known protocols. Dynamics 365's integration with OneNote gives researchers the ability to quickly and easily document their research notes. By using the built in search functionality, researchers can locate protocols efficiently.

"The voice commands are essential to anyone conducting life sciences research. When you are in the lab covered in protective gear, it is not always easy to use a mouse to click on the next button," continued Jenna Bourgeois.

Research R supports voice commands in Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa and integrates with Dynamics Intelligence's global healthcare system which is targeted for release during the 2nd half of 2018 which is being touted as the most comprehensive global health data system and is designed to attach to any existing clinical system.

Dynamics Intelligence specializes in the healthcare and public sector vertical industries. Interested parties can contact the Redmond-based firm at or

(Canada) to schedule a product demonstration.


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