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DI Announces Data Science As A Service (DSAAS) Offering For Healthcare

Built using the latest technology available on the marketplace from Microsoft, Dynamics Intelligence, a Redmond-based software company has announced their plans to offer a Data Science As A Service (DSAAS) tool that will attach to any existing clinical information system. The system is designed to make existing clinical systems more intelligent.

"As a social enterprise, we have some very specific goals when it comes to healthcare. Our goal is to reduce the amount of deaths due to medical error which in the US alone is 250,000 annually. As we began working towards that goal, we discovered that the offering could be used by researchers, hospitals, physicians, and patients," announced Jenna M Bourgeois, the firm's CEO.

The offering will include a browser as well as an API. Monthly subscribers can leverage the API to make their existing systems more intelligent. Ultimately, the system is intended to become the largest medical data repository and is designed to be a global offering, meaning that the system will not rely on social security numbers or social insurance numbers to function.

"We see this product as something that we will continually build upon. Customers will experience new features every month. It is critical that we make this system available to people all across the globe who ordinarily wouldn't have access to such a system. Microsoft is creating some of the best tool sets on the marketplace providing flexibility and interoperability which is why we chose to build this upon the Microsoft platform. Having more information and better information will not only help the physician, but the patient as well," continued Bourgeois.

Dynamics Intelligence is privately funded, but the company indicated that they may be seeking a seed funding round this spring.

"We are actively seeking out guidance from our financial advisers to determine the timing of such an offering. We have the design, we are now focused on accelerating our delivery of the product to the marketplace. We will continue to form new partnerships in technology and distribution. Our immediate focus will be to deliver the product to the US and Canadian marketplaces, but we see this product rapidly growing into markets such as India, the UK, and Australia," explained Bourgeois.

To learn more about the new offering, contact the Dynamics Intelligence sales team at or at (206)483-8610.


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