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Increasing Citizen Engagement With Dynamics 365

Public policy makers can increase citizen engagement and public awareness by using Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 portals.

Scenario 1: Correspondence Management

We've all seen those Facebook posts where someone posts a form letter and asks you to e-mail it to your elected official. Everyone knows that these e-mails are never read by their elected officials, but are read by the elected officials' staff members. However, many people don't know that the elected official may only have one staff member to respond to all of those incoming e-mails.

Dynamics Intelligence's Correspondence Management solution, will automatically process incoming e-mails, analyze and tag the e-mails, and create a case. Staff members can more easily manage cases and the tags make it really easy categorize those cases.

Scenario 2: Government Community Portal

Using Dynamics 365 and Dynamics Intelligence's Government Community Portal solution, governments can increase engagement by leveraging the portal's built-in blog and forum capabilities. Dynamics 365 portal support multiple languages, making it easy to localize content for the languages spoken in the community.

Scenario 3: Recreation Management

When spring finally emerges, citizens are anxious to start planning those summer time camping trips by reserving campsites or sometimes they just want to reserve a shelter at the local park. Dynamics Intelligence's Recreation Management solution is the answer. Citizens can engage with the platform using their device of choice (web, mobile, tablet). Staff can manage and monitor activities from within the Dynamics 365 application.


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