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Tackling Mental Health

Nearly 45 million people, or 1 in 6 American adults suffer from mental illness and according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, nearly 50% of Canadians will experience a mental health issue during their lifetime. Mental illness affects not only the patient, but also family, friends, and co-workers. As a social enterprise, one of our goals is to choose projects that help as many people as possible. Our highly-skilled and experienced team is not afraid of tackling the most complex problems that our society faces today. Last week, we filed for our patent.

Two major challenges that face the mental health industry according to the University of Wake Forest are a lack of funding and a lack of standards. We see an opportunity to disrupt the industry and to change the paradigm by applying technology readily available today to solve these challenges. Offered as a Software As A Service (SAAS) technology our solution provides:

  • Continuity of Care Between Caretakers and Patients

  • On-demand Patient Support

  • Accessibility Is Only A Mobile Phone Away

  • Consistency By Leveraging the Auto-diagnosis Feature

  • Patient Social Media Post Data Integration

  • Lower Cost to Caretakers While Providing Significant Value Add

  • Direct Patient Testimony Through Natural Speech Recognition

  • Includes A Mental Health Biomarker Repository

  • Leverages Facial Recognition For Real-time Emotional Feedback

  • Integration with Emergency First Responders

  • Integration with Third Party Support Organizations

  • Auto-diagnosis

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

We believe that this technology will not only provide the most comprehensive system for treating mental illness, but will also improve the quality of patient outcomes and provide caretakers with the ability to handle the most complex mental health conditions such as PTSD. As our military veteran friends would say "we got your six". At Dynamics Intelligence, we got your six.

Jenna M Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence is the creator of the technology described in this article and in the patent application.


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