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Making Healthcare More Intelligent

At Dynamics Intelligence, we are a social enterprise. We measure our performance by more than just financial profit by exercising social responsibility, supporting the environment, and changing the world one customer at a time. When it comes to healthcare, our primary concerns are:

1) Reducing the number of deaths due to medical error

2) Decreasing the workload on caregivers to enable them to care for more patients

3) Changing the narrative from a physician-centric information system towards a patient-centric information system

4) Increasing the continuity of care by creating systems that work seamlessly for the individual physician as well as the sophisticated hospital and are connected directly with the patient

5) Improving the quality of big data by including the patient's direct testimony as opposed to today's method of entering interpreted data.

From R&D to IoT, we believe it is possible to make significant improvements to all of these. As a tertiary software company, we combine all of these technologies to provide better more comprehensive solutions. Our data scientists are building the most comprehensive biomarker data repository the world has ever seen which will be directly integrated with our clinical management system allowing researchers to greatly expand their understanding of disease.

With respect to mental healthcare, we believe that this is a largely ignored field. Therefore, we are creating the world's first Mental Health Auto-diagnosis System (patent pending) which includes the ability to successfully predict episodes before they occur. We believe this system will improve the quality of outcomes for mental health patients, a segment that is largely ignored by public policy makers today.

Operating in the healthcare industry in both the US and Canada has enabled us to view healthcare from two different perspectives, one private and one public. While both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, we are most interested in learning from both countries to create the best healthcare solutions.

Jenna M Bourgeois, CEO of Dynamics Intelligence, a tertiary software development company operating in the US and Canada.


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