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Annie Hyder To Lead Dynamics Intelligence Canada Unit

Redmond, WA

Annie Hyder, former Territory Channel Manager for Microsoft Canada, was tapped to lead Dynamics Intelligence's Canada Division from the Toronto area.

"Hiring Annie was an easy decision for me. Having worked together in the past, I was very aware of Annie's attention to detail, tenacity, and industry knowledge particularly within the Microsoft eco-system. Three of the four members of our Canada leadership team have worked for Microsoft. When you are a Microsoft Partner, that experience is critically important," explained Jenna Bourgeois, CEO and Founder of Dynamics Intelligence which provides tertiary software solutions vertical industries including healthcare and the public sector.

In addition to her experience at Microsoft Canada, Hyder is local to the Toronto area, having graduated from Ryerson University.

"Our goal is to create as many as 80 technology jobs in Toronto. We will emphasize hiring women and a diverse workforce because we believe in diversity," said Bourgeois who represents diversity at nearly every level being Canadian Aboriginal, a woman, and two-spirited. It's an aggressive goal, but the team is confident and stacked with technical talent.

Hyder will be tasked with driving sales and marketing and establishing relationships between the company and technology groups that support diversity.


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