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Get Ready Toronto!

We are so excited to be launching our Toronto, ON office this week. As a social enterprise, we take great pride in applying technology to make the world a better place. As our motto says, "we change the world, one customer at a time". We believe in being environmentally conscious and socially conscious. We love to give back to the community.

Over the next three years, our goal is to build a development centre for as many as 80 technically skilled people including designers, developers, and data scientists. This team will work with the latest technology Microsoft and our other technology partners have to offer and will be tasked with solving some of the most complex problems in healthcare, government, and the commercial sectors.

We challenge our people and provide real leadership opportunities. We emphasize having a diverse workforce and every one of us has a passion for learning. Whether you are in the US or Canada, we are one team. In our other cities, we are active in women's coding groups, so that we can find the best available talent. We encourage you to apply to our company.


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