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Dynamics Intelligence Launches Healthcare Vertical in Houston

Seattle, WA

Dynamics Intelligence Inc, a tertiary software development company is opening a new office in Houston, TX to host their new healthcare industry vertical.

"The group has a wealth of clinical knowledge as well as technical acumen. We will be developing an intelligent patient management system, defining the next generation of healthcare in this country," said Jenna Bourgeois, Dynamics Intelligence's CEO.

Marylyn Harris, RN, MSN, MBA, a US Army Veteran and national speaker, was named as the Interim Director of the Healthcare unit. Harris brings 30 years of healthcare industry experience as well as 15 years of business development/management experience to the team. Harris, a University of St. Thomas alumni, is also the owner of Harrland Healthcare Consulting, LLC.

"Marylyn's knowledge is absolutely critical to our success. We are very fortunate to have someone of her caliber," stated Jenna Bourgeois, Dynamics Intelligence's CEO.

"Between the two of us, we have over 40 years of experience in the healthcare field. We have high expectations for our team and it made sense to locate this office in Houston due to it's proximity to the Texas Medical Center, one of the finest healthcare centers in the world," explained Bourgeois who also was a healthcare consultant and author of the Mayo Clinic's molecular genetics system ten years ago.

Just yesterday, it was reported that James Hereford, Fairview Health CEO, called for a boycott of Dynamics Intelligence's main competitor, Epic Systems from Verona, WI. In a BizJournal article, Hereford was quoted as stating that Epic was an "impediment" to the healthcare sector's innovation and suggested a "march on Madison" by the industry. Hospitals pay nearly $10 million per year for the Epic system.


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