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New Dynamics 365 Apps for Government, Scheduled to Be Available In Q1 2018

At Dynamics Intelligence, we have been working really hard back at the shop to create the best vertical applications for our Local Government customers. Customers have demanded that these applications be "zero-touch", meaning that they simply want to navigate to the Dynamics 365 app store and click a button. This is easier to accomplish with some applications while others challenge us to overcome technological obstacles.

The Dynamics 365 App Store is a new feature for the Microsoft Dynamics product line and revolutionary for ERP applications in general. Never before has it been so easy to click on a button and install a new add-on. Like other app stores you are familiar with on the iOS or the Android, users can search by keyword for desired functionality. Vendors are required to provide a free or trial version of their app in order to place their app into the app store, so try and buy.

The Goals of Our Dynamics 365 Applications

1) Accelerate Deployment

Our vertical acceleration apps provide much needed functionality, but are still fully extendable through customizations. We like to say that Microsoft delivers software with approximately 60% of what customers require because businesses today are highly customized and desire the ability to customize the app to their liking. However, we believe that we can bring these apps from 60 to 85% of the functionality desired by customers through verticalization. The remaining 15% will be accomplished through customer modifications.

2) Provide Users With Additional Functionality Through Zero-Touch Installation

For many customers, technology is advancing so rapidly that they have little time to keep up with the latest. By providing customers with zero-touch installation capability, we want to make it easy for customers to enjoy new functionality without having to learn all of the technical details behind it.

3) Provide Functionality Not Ordinarily Available in Dynamics 365

There are numerous technologies that greatly enhance the Dynamics 365 experience except that those technologies are not currently owned by Microsoft. We actively seek technology partnerships with vendors to add functionality that users would otherwise not have access to. While I would love to tell you now what they are, they won't actually be disclosed until their release.

Most of our apps are designed to be sold on a per user per month basis. Look for these apps and more to be in the Dynamics 365 app store in 2018 Q1.


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