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The HEALTHieR EMR is the most sophisticated mobile electronic health record management system on the market and runs on Android and Apple smart phones.

HEALTHieR EMR provides you with the ability to:

  • book appointments

  • view your health records electronically

  • communicate health problems in real-time to your doctor

  • manage your health

For Patients

Publish your clinical workflows to be used by healthcare providers all over the world.

For Research Clinics

HEALTHieR EMR provides healthcare providers to manage:

  • patients

  • schedules

  • payments

  • telemedicine

  • remote patient monitoring

  • labs

  • images (MRI, XRay, etc.)

  • clinical workflows

For Providers

Use the HEALTHieR EMR to manage patient tracking and provide patients with critical information to help them manage their condition

For Non-Profits