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Vertical Solutions

Healthcare - Public Sector - Field Service - CyberSecurity

Public Sector

Our solutions help government operate more efficiently through the use of real-time tracking, IoT integration, big data analysis, and machine learning technologies.

We reinvented higher education.  Dynamic classes, schedules, and teaching assignments.

Dynamic University

Integrated Healthcare Delivery & Personalized Medicine


We leverage the latest in technology to deliver high business value solutions by creating more intelligent solutions.  Our solution combines R&D with Clinical Data and IoT providing the most comprehensive end-to-end system on the market.  Industry professionals have described our system as being the only one that improves patient outcomes.  Natural speech and cognitive services technologies are changing the clinical landscape.

Clean Water Management

Environment & Renewable Energy

Our team is passionate about helping communities administer public water supplies.  Toxins and water-born illnesses can devastate a community that is not prepared.  Our tools make it easier to administer public water supplies and to understand and to comply with complex clean water regulations.  Water brings life to everything, we must keep it clean.

Wastewater Treatment IoT

Monitor you wastewater unit

Your extra layer of protection.

Cyber Security

Once patient data is breached, it is too late.  "Did you do everything to prevent an attack?" They will ask.  Let our team of Cyber Security experts be the natural extension to your internal team.  While no system can prevent an attack, our offering reduces the risk of a cyber security attack and includes:

  • Cyber Security Attack Drills

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Best Practices

  • Level 4 Cyber Security Support

  • Post-incident forensics

  • Social Engineering Drills

Our monthly fee could save you your career.  Why risk your career?

Microsoft Defender

"When hackers attempted to deploy a block chain virus.  Microsoft intervened and saved 400,000 computers"