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50 Paths to A Smarter City

Let's make the world a better place by starting with your home town.  With citizens demanding more technology from their government, we have create 50 Paths to A Smarter City which details some ideas of how you might be able to use technology to make your community smarter.  Smarter cities means a happier community.

#50 Respond to Citizen Inquiries with a Chat Bot

Dynamics 365 Portals, Azure Bot Framework

Citizens can interact directly with the Chat Bot to get their questions answered quickly and easily.

#49 Vendor Portal

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portals

Automate the government contracting process.

#48 - Automated Accounts Payable

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Governments can operate more efficiently by streamlining their accounts payable process using Dynamics 365.

#47 - Increase Board and Committee Collaboration with Staff with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Collaboration between elected and appointed officials and their support staff is essential.  Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with the company's Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, including Microsoft Office and Skype, and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

#46 Skype Translator

Communicate in nearly any language

Every one of us has a preferred language.  Skype Translator allows citizens to engage with their government by speaking in the language of their choice.  Government employees can respond in the language of their choice in real-time.

#45 Biometric Identification

Dynamics 365, Face API

#44 - Mobile Payment

Dynamics 365, Azure

Pay for your property tax bill, license, or fee from your mobile phone.

#43 - Voice Enabled Emergency Response

Dynamics 365, Azure Speech to Text, Azure Text Analytics, Bing Maps

Citizens can initiate emergency calls from any voice enabled device.  Quick response times can mean the difference between life and death.  Using Azure Speech to Text we can capture the dialog during an E911 call, analyze the text using Azure Text Analytics , and immediately communicate information to available emergency response personnel located near the incident.

#42 Pollution Detection with IoT

Dynamics 365, Azure IoT

If you are an asthmatic or a public policy maker responsible for the environment, being able to monitor pollution with IoT devices saves time, money, and protects the public's health.

#41 Smart Inspections

Dynamics 365, PowerApps

Cities can keep the public safe with smart inspection technology.

#40 - Pet Id

Face API, Azure, Dynamics 365

When pet owners license their pets, they can take a picture which is uploaded into Azure storage and linked to the dog's profile in Dynamics 365.  If the dog is lost, a stranger can take a photo of the dog using their mobile phone which will then identify the dog and their owner's contact information.

#39 Online School Enrollment

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portal

In Seattle, the Department of Early Learning chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support their online enrollment process.  Using Dynamics 365 portals, the city provides an easy way for parents to enroll their children.

#38 Community Wifi

Network Infrastructure

To be a Smart City, communities access to high speed connectivity.

Wireless Access Point Installation

#37 Advanced Data Analytics

Azure, Machine Learning, Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure provides a complete stack of advanced data analytics technology.  Gain incredible insight using Machine Learning and share information with the public more easily using Azure API's.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

#36 Efficient Public Works Scheduling

Using Dynamics 365 Field Service, Public Works Departments can more efficiently schedule and track public works activities using Field Service's scheduling board.

#35 Automate Project Management

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Using Dynamics 365's Project Service Automation Module, governments can automate mundane tasks and manage resources more effectively.

Dynamics 365 Community Portal

#34 Increase Citizen Engagement

Citizens like to post on social media, so they will love posting comments and opinions in the community Forum.  Managing and monitoring threads is really easy using Dynamics 365.

#33 Manage Vendor Performance With KPI's and Dashboards

Dynamics 365

Keeping track of vendors can be challenging.  Dynamics 365 Dashboards can be fully customized to meet any procurement manager's needs.  Create your own KPI's to manage important metrics such as diversity, performance, or other social values.

#32 Optimize Transportation Routes

Dynamics 365, Bing Maps

School districts can optimize their bus routes to improve gas efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Dynamics 365 Gamification

#31 Innovation Hackathon

Becoming a smart city begins with your community.  Using Dynamics 365, you can set and track incentives for innovation teams to compete.

Court House

#29 Connected Municipal Court

Dynamics 365, Self-Service Portal

Pay fines online, track your case, and never miss a court appearance with the Dynamics 365 Self-Service portal.

#28 - Smarter Traffic Analysis

Azure Machine Learning

Traffic administrators can upload their data into Microsoft Azure and analyze the data by applying several out of the box algorithms or by training the data as part of a holistic data science strategy.

#27 ITSM - Manage IT Operations

Dynamics 365

Managing the IT department of any large city can be a challenge especially when there are disparate systems.  Using Dynamics 365's Service module, IT Directors can follow industry best practices such as ITIL, providing better service.

#26 Analyze Economic Development Activity

Dynamics 365, Power BI, Azure

Dynamics 365 Dashboards make it easy to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for economic activity (housing starts, building permits issued, unemployment rate, etc.).  Power BI brings that data into the user's mobile device.

Technicians at Work

#25 Augmented Reality (AR) for Building Inspections

Dynamics 365, Hololens

Hololens assists building inspectors by allowing them to see the building plans in three dimensions while they visual inspect the property

#24 Homeless Management

Dynamics 365

Using tablet devices and Dynamics 365, the City of Seattle Police Department can manage the city's homeless challenge.  The real-time connectivity allows officers to provide referrals or access to resources.

#23 Mobile Benefits Management

Dynamics 365, Xamarin

Dynamics 365 provides functionality to manage benefits programs.  Citizens interact with either the Dynamics 365 portal or with the convenient mobile app created with Xamarin.

Phone Call

#22 Emergency Text Notification

Dynamics 365, Azure, Twilio

In some communities, an earthquake can happen at anytime.  A convenient way to send text notifications to the entire public is to create the message in Dynamics 365 and broad cast the text message with a Twilio/Dynamics 365 integration.

#21 Consolidate Old Applications

Dynamics 365, Azure Cosmos DB

Administrators hoping to reduce their operating costs can migrate custom applications to the Dynamics 365 environment where they can be managed.

#20 Find A Meal

Dynamics 365, Xamarin, Bing Maps

Larger metropolitan areas can assist their homeless populations by providing them with a mobile app.  Using the mobile app, users can locate the free meal locations.

#19 Social Agency Referral

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portal

Government agencies have a difficult time working with community NGO's or non-profits because their systems are not connected nor integrated.  Introducing the agency referral portal, government agencies can refer citizens in need easier than ever.

#18 - Public Graph API

Azure Cosmos DB

Providing the public with information is a primary function of governments.  Using Azure Cosmo DB and the Gremlin (Graph API), administrators can combine all sources of information regardless of their inherent data types into a navigable graph API.  This graph API allows external developers, researchers, and other government agencies to navigate the data in ways never otherwise imaginable.

#17 Automatic RFP Analyzer

Dynamics Intelligence RFP Analyzer, Dynamics 365

Using the Dynamics Intelligence RFP Analyzer, government agencies can analyze vendor submissions and generate the contained keywords for facilitating a RFP response scoring mechanism.

#16 Measure Development in More Than Just Economic Terms

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Dynamics Intelligence Social Enterprise Add-on

As a social enterprise, we understand that to be a developed community means more than just wealthy.  With the Dynamics Intelligence Social Enterprise Add-on, policy makers can measure development in more terms than % of growth in GDP including the environment and social progress.

#15 Startup Incubator Portal

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portals

Using the Startup Incubator Portal, communities can track the progress of startup companies from launch to maturity.  Startup founders can easily match up with mentors and venture capitalists using the portal making the innovation economy operate more effectively and efficiently.  Meet loan officers, active investors, job candidates, and more all online.

#14 Open API's for Government Data

Azure API Management

Leveraging Microsoft Azure API Management, local governments can make data publicly available quickly and easily.  Soon thereafter, your start up community will begin building applications that serve the public using the new Government API's

#13 Motivate Public Employees Through Gamification

Dynamics 365, Gamification

Whether it is cricket, football, or hockey, just about everyone loves sports.  Using Microsoft Gamification, employees can draft teams and set goals and assign points.  Once the schedule is set, the system will auto manage the fantasy league and track each employee's progress, automatically assigning the winners in each category.

#12 Soil and Moisture Monitoring For Community Gardens

Azure, IoT, Xamarin

Citizens can monitor their community garden from their mobile app.  Can't make it to the garden today?  Click a button to water the plants.  Don't have a green thumb?  Use the community garden auto-pilot and let the system manage it for you.

#11 Building Inspector AI

Dynamics 365, Azure

Upload aerial photographs into Dynamics 365 and have azure analyze the photos periodically.  The system will automatically detect changes in buildings prompting a building inspection.

Azure Cognitive Services, Dynamics 365

#10 School Safety AI

Every parent wants to know that their child is safe while at school.  Using a security camera, Azure can detect each face entering the building and identify anyone that isn't on the approved list and notify a security professional to investigate.

Azure IoT, Dynamics 365

#9 IoT Monitoring of Public Water Systems

IoT devices can monitor water quality in real-time.  Leveraging Dynamics 365, we can create an intelligence management system that automatically reacts to varying conditions allowing public administrators more time to analyze and plan their systems.

#8 Community Leadership Portal

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portals, Azure

When people move into your growing innovation community, it is important for them to meet the key community stakeholders, so they can hit the ground running.  Businesses, non-profits, and political leaders will automatically get to meet these newcomers through the system's automatic match-making and scheduling capability.

#7 Total Tourism Experience

Dynamics 365, Azure, Xamarin

Give tourists the complete experience by using the Dynamics Intelligence Total Tourism Experience.  Visitors will learn about events, restaurants, nightlife, and more.  Small business owners can simply upload their profile and pics, the system takes care of the rest.  By connecting tourists to more attractions in your community, it is bound to increase your community's GDP and tax base.

#6 Public Recreation Management

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portals

For parents these days means never having enough time.  Using the advanced capabilities of the Public Recreation Management Portal, parents can schedule swimming lessons, day camp, or organize a softball league through the Dynamics 365 Portal.  Administrators can leverage AI tools to automatically recommend new activities.

Dynamics 365, Bing Maps, Artificial Intelligence

#5 Automatic Parking

Drivers no longer have to think about parking.  Simply enter your destination and the Automatic Parking system will direct you to your reserved spot and automatically pay any associated parking fee.

#4 Dynamic University

Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Portals, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business

The easiest way to make your community "smarter" is to educate them.  Using Dynamic University, courses can be smaller and more tailored towards a student's interest and passion.  Course creators can assign instructors to teach a session or a full course.


#3 Autonomous Vehicle Delivery

Dynamics 365, Bing Maps, Robots

Using the latest in miniature autonomous vehicle technology combined with Dynamics 365, postal delivery will never be the same.  Autonomous vehicles delivery parcels and letters to and from people's homes.  Specialized vehicles deliver special items to seniors and the disabled.