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We stand behind the products the products that we sell.  We are your first point of contact.

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Global Support - Multiple Languages

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Dynamics Intelligence is capable of supporting complex implementations of Dynamics 365 (24 x 7).  Using Artificial Intelligence we can automatically detect similar cases.  Our support team keeps up to date with the latest issues by searching our knowledge base.  Support languages include English - French - Spanish - Hindi



Everything you ever wanted to know...

Online Documentation

Context Sensitive Help

Dynamics 365 includes context sensitive help as part of the product.


Dynamics 365’s user interface provides users with tooltips to assist them with many of the features. 

Training Videos

Also included with the product are built-in training videos that users can watch for most routine tasks.

Dynamics 365 Team YouTube Channel

In addition to built-in training tools, the Dynamics 365 team has a YouTube channel that contains many additional training videos. 

Microsoft Dynamics Community

The Microsoft Dynamics Community portal is a place where users can post questions that will be answered by the general Dynamics 365 user community.

Microsoft Dynamics Team Blog

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team maintains a blog site that includes very insightful tips regarding the product.