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Azure Service Fabric Mesh

Scale Mission Critical Applications
  • High Availability

  • Scaling in/out

  • Discoverability

  • Orchestration

  • Message routing

  • Reliable messaging

  • No-downtime upgrades

  • Security/secrets management

  • Disaster recovery

  • State management

  • Configuration management

  • Distributed transactions.

  • Choose between multiple application models when creating applications.

  • Use platform capabilities exposed through REST endpoints by consuming language-specific bindings generated using Swagger.

  • Deploy applications across Availability Zones and multiple regions for geo-reliability.

  • Use all the security and compliance features that Azure provides.

  • Supports any language that can be run in a container

  • "Lift and shift" existing applications into containers to modernize and run your current applications at scale.

  • Build and deploy new microservices applications at scale in Azure. Integrate with other Azure services or existing applications running in containers. Each microservice is part of a secure, network isolated application with resource governance policies defined for CPU cores, memory, disk space, and more.

  • Integrate with and extend existing applications without making changes to those applications. Use your own virtual network to connect existing application to the new application.

  • Modernize your existing Cloud Services applications by migrating to Service Fabric Mesh.-