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Azure Cosmos DB

I spent several hours to setup .NetCore 2.0 based Azure Functions Environment with CosmosDB. I’d like to share my work around to record what I encountered. These tips are not special. You can find these in the GitHub issues. However, it might be help to reduce the time for some search...

Azure Functions v 2.0 HttpTrigger with CosmosDB Client Tips

by Tsuyoshi Ushio, Microsoft

Estimate the number of Request Units and Data Storage required for your Azure Cosmos DB implementation with this handy calculator

Estimate Request Units And Data Storage

"Azure Cosmos DB Graph API is the first cloud database to provide graph functionality over a globally distributed managed service"

Luis Bosquez

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB - Microsoft

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Change the world with Azure Cosmos DB, a globally scalable, multi-model, database solution in Microsoft Azure.


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