Redmond, WA, USA

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Investor Relations

A social enterprise and pre-seed technology start-up, Dynamics Intelligence is a C Corporation incorporated in the State of Colorado in the United States and is a Canadian federal corporation in Canada.

  • Growing Return on Investment by Building Technology Assets

  • Maintaining Low Overhead Through Business Process Automation

  • Specializing in the Healthcare and Public Sector Markets

  • Developing the next generation of software to help save lives around the world.

Quick Facts:  Product & Services

  • Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider

  • Microsoft Azure US Government Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider (US Only)

  • Software for Healthcare & Public Sector

Industry Verticals

  • Healthcare

  • Public Sector

Customer Base

  • Local/Regional/Federal Government

  • Medical and Laboratory Researchers

  • Hospitals & Medical Clinics

  • Doctors

  • Consumer Patients

An Experienced Team

  • Over $2M spent on the leadership teams' higher education

  • Nearly 300 years of industry experience

  • Over 150 technical certifications

  • 5 PhD's

  • 13 Master's Degrees